BingX Referral Code

Up to $5,250 in USDT Sign Up Bonuses and Free Rewards!

Code Valid: Jun 2024

How to use the BingX Referral Code

BingX Referral Code luncmetrics

Sign up for a new account using BingX referral code luncmetrics to claim up to $5,250 USDT in sign-up bonuses! This referral code promotion is exclusive to LUNC Metrics!

You can use the BingX crypto exchange offers to tap into over 700 cryptocurrencies! Take advantage of our unique promo code and start trading with BingX to claim these massive sign up bonuses for free!

To get this BingX referral bonus, simply:

  • Register for a new account using BingX referral code luncmetrics
  • Go to the BingX rewards center and complete tasks to earn up to $5,000 USDT Bonus
  • EXCLUSIVE: To get the additional $250 bonus from the to LUNC Metrics referral code, you need to:
    1. Make a deposit of 50 USDT, and you'll get a 50 USDT Bonus
    2. Reached a trading volume of 3,000 USDT, get an additional 100 USDT BingX Bonus
    3. Reach a trading volume of 50,000 USDT, and get a 100 USDT BingX Bonus

BingX Referral Code Details

Crypto Exchange BingX
Referral Code luncmetrics
Welcome Rewards Up to $5,000 USDT
Exclusive Bonus Up to $250 USDT
KYC Required No, KYC is not required

BingX Exchange Stats

Exchange Trust Score
9 / 10
Crypto Exchange Rank
out of 550+ exchanges
24-Hour BTC Volume

Why use BingX for crypto trading?

BingX has developed a robust trading platform that integrates user-friendly features with advanced trading tools catering to both novice and experienced traders. Traders are attracted to sophisticated features such as spot, margin trading, futures contracts, or copy-trading services where they can follow the strategies of successful traders.

BingX caters to a broad spectrum of digital asset trading preferences, packaging that with an easy-to-navigate user interface and robust trading tools. The assurance of security comes with BingX's operation in over 100 countries under the watchful eye of multiple regulatory bodies. A rising star in the realm of crypto, TradingView awarded BingX the 'Best Exchange Broker' accolade in 2021, further cementing its reputation for reliable and trustworty trading.

If you're new to crypto, join the BingX Academy, it is a treasure trove for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of cryptocurrency and trading tactics. With comprehensive learning resources, BingX can be a helpful partner to you in your crypto journey.

What does BingX offer?

BingX is primarily known as a cryptocurrency exchange, and offers traders a substantial array of digital assets for spot and derivatives trading, boasting over 700 supported cryptocurrencies for a well-rounded trading experience. These digital assets encompass a diverse selection, from major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller-cap coins that target various sectors such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), the metaverse, and Web3 projects. And of course, they support LUNA Classic (LUNC).

Their platform caters to a global audience and ensures that traders have the resources to engage with a plethora of trading pairs, including over 500 crypto trading pairs available for leverage trading (up to 150x!), which enhances your ability to implement manage risk and yield profits. The inclusion of these diverse cryptocurrencies is in alignment with BingX's dedication to providing its users with a vast, dynamic, and multi-faceted trading environment.

BingX also supports trading for traditional assets like stocks, forex, indices and more. The depth and breadth of what BingX offers is truely huge.

Trading fees on BingX are extremely low. And while they are subject to change, at the time of writing this, Bingx spot fees are 0.1% for maker and takers. Futures fees are 0.02% for makers and 0.05% for takers. There are no fees for crypto deposits.

The BingX trading platform is available on the web, and also supports full-fledged apps available on iOS and Android. Their tools offer ease of use, without sacrificing depth of functionality. You can access real-time market data, get efficient order execution, utilize customizable charts with technical analysis (TA) and additional market analysis tools. The layout is clean and intuitive, and they support 19 languages. And if you happen to speak the language of code, Bing X has a robust API you can use for automated trading strategies.

All of these great product features are packed into their trading platform, where you can trade Spot, Futures, Grid Trade, Copy Trade and P2P Trading!

BingX Security and Proof of Reserves

Security is a paramount concern for traders, and exchanges alike. They utilize two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage of funds, SSL encryption, and compliance with industry regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards.

In addition to that, BingX offers Proof of Reserves, validating there is no comingling of customer funds with business operations. Transparency is a cornerstone of their promise to customers.

BingX Referral Code Benefits

And the best part about all of this, is you can get paid to get started using their platform. Simply use our BingX referral code luncmetrics when signing up for an account, you can receive up to $5250 in USDT sign up bonuses! This coupon code is unique to the LUNC Metrics community, and it means that you earn money on top of your profits.

To use the BingX referral code “luncmetrics”, simply enter the promo code when signing up for your account. Clicking our should automatically enter the referral code for you.

In conclusion, BingX is an crypto exchange that is doing all the right things to deliver a top-of-class trading experience with aggressive low trading fees and giving you a free bonus just for trying them out. Just make sure you use referral code “luncmetrics” when signing up for an account to enjoy this awesome benefit.

How to Register an account with BingX Referral Code luncmetrics

Simply follow these steps to get the BingX sign up bonus:

  • Visit the BingX registration page
  • Verify the referral code luncmetrics in the designated field in the form. See image for details.
  • Complete the registration and KYC process
  • Make a deposit and start trading!
    • Deposit $50 to get $50 in USDT bonus
    • Trade 3,000 USDT to get an additional 100 USDT
    • Trade 50,000 USDT and get an extra 100 USDT
  • Look for more ways to earn rewards:
    • Visit the "New User Rewards" center to see what tasks and events you can participate in
    • Engage in Copy Trading for unique promotions
    • Deposit more funds to get extra USDT bonuses to your account
Registration Form using the BingX Referral Code

BingX Referral Code FAQs

BingX referral code luncmetrics offers me what benefits?

Claim up to $5000 in USDT bonuses by completing tasks and participating in events. Claim an additional (exclusive) $250 USDT by depositing funds and reaching $50,000 in trading volume.

Can I use the BingX referral code luncmetrics if I already have an account?

No. BingX referral code luncmetrics is exclusively available to new users to on ther platform. If you already have an account, unfortunately, you cannot retroactively apply this referral code. However, you can participate in the BingX referral program by inviting new users to join BingX with your unique referral link. See your BingX account for details.

Join the BingX Referral Program to make you even more money!

When you invite new users to join the BingX platform using the referral code luncmetrics, both you and your referrals can enjoy:

  1. Commission Rebates: Earn up to 20% of the trading fees generated by your referred users
  2. Airdrop Events: Participate in events, complete special tasks and get airdropped free crypto like BTC and USDT (see example below)

The BingX referral program is a great way to help onboard your network into crypto and earn a little cash along the way. Check out the Referral section of your account to get the most accurate and up-to-date details on the Bing X referral program.

BingX Referral Program FAQs

Is there a limit to the number of users I can refer with my the BingX referral code?

No, there is no limit to the number of users you can refer with your BingX referral code. It is full of endles possibilities: the more users you invite, the more rewards you can earn!

How can I track the rewards I've earned through the BingX referral program?

Its easy to see your referral rewards on your BingX account dashboard. Simply navigate to the "Invite to Earn" section on their website or mobile apps, where you will find details about your referred users, any commission rebates and other rewards you might earn through the program.