LUNC Burn Tracker

Total LUNC Burned
116.50 B
Since May 13, 2022
LUNC Burned On-Chain
45.47 B
39% of Total
LUNC Burn Wallet
71.03 B
61% of Total
Last updated: 2024-06-15 03:15 UTC

LUNC Burn Rate

Today's LUNC Burn
5.45 M
about 20 hours left (UTC time)
7-day LUNC Burn
268.61 M
38,373,019 LUNC per day
30-day LUNC Burn
3.16 B
105,331,086 LUNC per day

LUNC Burn Charts

LUNC burns are driven by taxes derived from on-chain transactions, and donations that are sent to the official burn wallet.

Total LUNA Classic Burned

116,504,659,883 LUNC

LUNA Classic Burned On-Chain

45,474,633,232 LUNC

LUNA Classic Sent to Burn Wallet

71,030,026,651 LUNC

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Measuring the Utility of LUNC

Changes to total supply of LUNC from on-chain sources are largely derived from taxes, and are a bellweather for the health of the chain. More utility = more taxes = more LUNC burned 🔥

Percent of Total LUNA Classic Burned On-Chain

39.03% of burned LUNC

7-day Moving Average of LUNC On-Chain Burn

33,605,671 LUNC burned per day

Top 10 LUNC Burners

Rank Owner LUNC Burned % Total Wallet Address
1 Binance 60,291,162,827 51.8% terra18vnrzlzm2c4xfsx382pj2xndqtt00rvhu24sqe See all burns
2 DFLUNC Protocol 2,065,049,349 1.8% terra1g9htux72h5nj5c0hpzely3rqwnryzmy22xlxpu See all burns
3 LunaticsToken 1,976,175,010 1.7% terra1sq6th05hdwwwxvymzytc93lvhjxyx4pkjurhgj See all burns
4 MEXC 1,017,243,371 0.9% terra1w8nc8ev0ylg97qnj080np4lnljngdvpd90ev63 See all burns
5 LUNCDAO 457,767,951 0.4% terra13s4gwzxv6dycfctvddfuy6r3zm7d6zklynzzj5 See all burns
6 Cremation Coin 428,133,706 0.4% terra1vwchc3pkrxn8kahd0g9wxd8zjr0drnduzkn4z3 See all burns
7 AllNodes 344,354,637 0.3% terra120ppepaj2lh5vreadx42wnjjznh55vvktwj679 See all burns
8 TerraCasino 333,398,296 0.3% terra153mwt0upple9klvrryrtckx9vneguw6ja33d3c See all burns
9 DFLUNC Protocol 233,142,982 0.2% terra1e0d5zw24mer6kjg727fr037ma0p2svcg3xd0zg See all burns
10 DFLUNC Protocol 175,708,124 0.2% terra1nzk97ymgd3rfx75wgmldcuxgat5gckmfy89308 See all burns