LUNA Classic
Burn Tracker, Price & Charts

Total LUNC Burn
126.77 B
Since May 13, 2022
Last 7 days
LUNC Burned
LUNC Circulating Supply
5.75 T
Total Supply: 6.78 T
Last updated: 2024-07-17 09:30 UTC

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Realtime LUNC Burn Chart

Total LUNA Classic Burned

126,773,143,629 LUNC

LUNC Price & Market Metrics

Market Cap
$504 M
Market Cap Rank: 147
Current $LUNC Price
↗︎ 30.5% in last 7 days
24 Hour Trading Volume
$90.6 M
Volume / Market Cap : 0.1797
Pricing last updated: 2024-07-17 09:29 UTC
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Realtime LUNC Price Chart

Top 10 LUNC Burners

Rank Owner LUNC Burned % Total Wallet Address
1 Binance 61,992,471,116 48.9% terra18vnrzlzm2c4xfsx382pj2xndqtt00rvhu24sqe See all burns
2 DFLUNC Protocol 2,065,049,349 1.6% terra1g9htux72h5nj5c0hpzely3rqwnryzmy22xlxpu See all burns
3 LunaticsToken 1,976,175,010 1.6% terra1sq6th05hdwwwxvymzytc93lvhjxyx4pkjurhgj See all burns
4 MEXC 1,017,243,371 0.8% terra1w8nc8ev0ylg97qnj080np4lnljngdvpd90ev63 See all burns
5 LUNCDAO 457,767,951 0.4% terra13s4gwzxv6dycfctvddfuy6r3zm7d6zklynzzj5 See all burns
6 Unknown 440,459,961 0.3% terra1y455vzunmld7xt0206evtsyu5um5zs2pha7f66
7 Cremation Coin 428,133,706 0.3% terra1vwchc3pkrxn8kahd0g9wxd8zjr0drnduzkn4z3 See all burns
8 TerraCasino 352,598,296 0.3% terra153mwt0upple9klvrryrtckx9vneguw6ja33d3c See all burns
9 AllNodes 344,354,637 0.3% terra120ppepaj2lh5vreadx42wnjjznh55vvktwj679 See all burns
10 DFLUNC Protocol 233,142,982 0.2% terra1e0d5zw24mer6kjg727fr037ma0p2svcg3xd0zg See all burns

What is LUNC?

In May 2022, Terra Money tragically collapsed. Due to systemic hyper-inflation, LUNA supply went from a few hundred million to 6.9 Trillion. Yeah, thats Trillion… with a capital T. LUNA lost 99.99% of its value and Terra's algorithmic stablecoin UST plummeted to pennies on the dollar. Over $60 billion USD was wiped out from the market in a matter of days.

From the ashes, two groups emerged: one led by Terra founder Do Kwon, trying to build a new LUNA chain from a hard fork. And another group of Terra Rebels and community members trying to revitalize the the original chain, now called LUNA Classic. LUNA on the Classic chain was renamed to LUNC.

LUNC Burn Metrics

LUNC Metrics was built to track analytics on the LUNA Classic chain, with revitalization work led by the Terra Rebels. The primary tactic is to burn LUNC and remove it from circulation. There are also proposals to restructure UST debt, but that is an evolving discussion.

Currently, there are two mechanisms to burn LUNC: on-chain taxation, and donations sent to the official burn address.

On-chain taxation

Taxing transactions on the terra classic chain accounts for approximately of the total burn. Only transactions that happen on-chain can be taxed. So this excludes trading on centralized exchanges like Binance and Kucoin.

For a transaction to be included in the on-chain tax scheme, the transactions must be one of the following types:

  • MsgSend: Transfers from one wallet to another
  • MsgMultiSend: Multiple senders/receivers in a single transaction
  • MsgExecute: Bundled smart contracts
  • MsgSwapSend: Swapping coins/tokens and sending to a wallet
  • MsgInstantiateContract: Creating a new smart contract
  • MsgExecuteContract: Smart contract transaction

LUNC Burn Wallet

On the LUNA Classic chain, there is an official wallet address that will automatically burn any coins sent to it. This address was made public by Do Kwon on May 21, 2022, but on-chain transactions show it has been used to burn LUNA since September 2021.

The official LUNC burn wallet address is: terra1sk06e3dyexuq4shw77y3dsv480xv42mq73anxu

LUNC sent to the burn address comes in a variety of forms, but most notably is Binance. In support of the Terra community, Binance decided to donate all LUNC trading fees to the burn. The Binance burn currently represents over 50% of total LUNC burn. Other donations are made by LUNC validators and community members. Overtime, hopefully more crypto exchanges will join the burn.

LUNC Trading opportunity

With so much momentum and focus around rebuilding LUNC, there could be great financial opportunities by trading LUNC. This website does NOT constitute or offer any sort of financial advice and provides no warranties on accuracy. It was built as a passion project to help quantify and track the burn.

If you want to buy/sell/trade LUNC, you can support this website by signing up with one of our crypto referral codes with top exchanges like MEXC and Bybit. It costs you nothing. Each referral code includes great benefits, like discounted trading fees and free sign up bonuses. And it helps keep this site ad-free.

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