USTC Burn Tracker

Total USTC Burned
2.32 B
Since May 13, 2022
USTC Burned On-Chain
1.85 B
80% of Total
USTC Burn Wallet
472.73 M
20% of Total
Last updated: 2024-04-16 12:56 UTC

USTC Burn Rate

Today's USTC Burn
about 11 hours left (UTC time)
7-day USTC Burn
122,241 USTC per day
30-day USTC Burn
8.37 M
279,150 USTC per day

USTC Burn Charts

USTC burns are driven by taxes derived from on-chain transactions, and donations that are sent to the official burn wallet.

Total UST Classic Burned

2,317,912,362 USTC

UST Classic Burned On-Chain

1,845,182,411 USTC

UST Classic Sent to Burn Wallet

472,729,951 USTC

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Measuring the Utility of USTC

Changes to total supply of USTC from on-chain sources are largely derived from taxes, and are a bellweather for the health of the chain. More utility = more taxes = more USTC burned 🔥

Percent of Total UST Classic Burned On-Chain

79.61% of burned USTC

7-day Moving Average of USTC On-Chain Burn

119,779 USTC burned per day

Top 10 USTC Burners

Rank Owner LUNC Burned % Total Wallet Address
1 Terra Form Labs 438,873,713 18.9% terra1xtlkxkund5xxsj8uj94y6fmx2sf9unkc9l7lpg See all burns
2 KUCOIN 6,869,940 0.3% terra1rvxcszyfecrt2v3a7md8p30hvu39kj6xf48w9e See all burns
3 Unknown 5,734,019 0.2% terra1luagdjcr9c9yvp3ak4d7chjm5gldcmgln5rku5
4 Binance 1,895,721 0.1% terra132wegs0kf9q65t9gsm3g2y06l98l2k4treepkq See all burns
5 Binance 1,688,998 0.1% terra1hhj92twle9x8rjkr3yffujexsy5ldexak5rglz See all burns
6 Unknown 904,498 0.0% terra1a40kva4wz285s6gpg6re5cmvqwjghnvzn65cy3
7 Unknown 844,776 0.0% terra1w4wexfkf8zajupm4zeenymw8cwhasc6jczck59
8 #BURNITALL Validator 821,947 0.0% terra16aumxyfeh2vrd2kr9qk2gadmwmg4jm5kw6nryp See all burns
9 Unknown 696,517 0.0% terra1pgcadmmetsyxmvzp9zfqxr96yd42raum5kgejn
10 Binance 689,384 0.0% terra1az3dsad74pwhylrrexnn5qylzj783uyww2s7xz See all burns