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About Terra UST

Terra UST Classic is the original UST cryptocurrency from the Terra Money blockchain. The UST token was renamed to LUNC after it famously crashed in May 2021. The blockchain was attacked and suffered from a bank run, causing UST and it’s sister token LUNA to lose 99% of their value in a matter of days, due to hyperinflation. The current supply of USTC is 9,783,344,910, with 8,312,410,789 in circulation.

While the community has largely focused on burning excess LUNC, a total of 1,496,936,680 USTC has been burned and removed from the supply.

USTC's Future in the LUNC Blockchain

Today, USTC is considered bad debt on the LUNC blockchain. It was previously pegged to $1, but is now worth only $0.054. For LUNC and USTC to reclaim it’s previous glory, UST Classic must get repegged to $1.

There are a few key ways to attack this problem:

  • Burn the excess LUNC tokens to improve the price
  • Burn the USTC tokens to remove bad debt
  • $1 Repeg strategies

Many different teams and projects are working to both reduce the supply of LUNC and USTC, and also devise novel ways to repeg USTC to $1. This is what makes LUNC and USTC an interesting trading opportunity: if they can pull it off, the potential for USTC is 18x!

Data above is aggregated from LUNC Metrics and CoinGecko