Phemex Referral Code

Up to $8,800 Welcome Rewards and USDT Bonuses!

Code Valid: Jul 2024

How to use the Phemex Referral Code

The Phemex referral code is "FNP4A3", which allows you to get up to $8,800 USDT in sign up bonuses!

Phemex is an up-and-coming crypto exchange that offers a slick trading platform with over 400 coins, advanced features and on-going crypto promotions.

To get these amazing sign up bonuses from our promo code, follow these steps:

  1. Make a new Phemex trading account by clicking here
  2. Ensure you use Phemex referral code "FNP4A3"
  3. Go to the Phemex Rewards Hub on their website or mobile apps
  4. Start claiming the sign up rewards!

Discover a world of earning opportunities on Phemex's cutting-edge trading platform, packed with innovative trading features and hot coin markets. Just don't forget to use our exclusive invitation code "FNP4A3" during sign-up - it's the perfect way to kick-start your trading journey with Phemex!

Phemex Referral Code Details

Crypto Exchange Phemex
Referral Code FNP4A3
Welcome Rewards Up to $8,800 USDT
KYC Required Yes, KYC is required.
See restricted jurisdictions

Phemex Exchange Stats

Exchange Trust Score
8 / 10
Very good
Crypto Exchange Rank
out of 550+ exchanges
24-Hour BTC Volume

Historical Trading Volume on Phemex

Yesterday's Trading Volume: $ 118,699,907

Why use Phemex for crypto trading?

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers various trading products, including spot markets, futures contracts, and leveraged tokens. The platform caters to both retail and institutional traders worldwide. Users can deposit fiat currencies through bank transfers or credit cards to buy crypto instantly. Phemex also provides an online marketplace for peer-to-peer trading. Lets take a closer look at some of Phemex's key products and features.

Phemex trading products

Phemex offers a slew of advanced crypto trading products. Spot, Perpetual Futures, Copy Trading, Grid Trading, 100x Leverage, and so much more. Phemex even offers Lending, Staking, Earn and access to Web3 protocols via the Phemex Soul Pass.

Trading pairs

Over 275 coins are available for trading on Phemex, with more added every week. You can find more than 285 trading pairs, primarily denomidated in USDT.

Phemex has a sliding scale trading fee structure

Phemex has a tiered trading fee structure, where the more you trade, the cheaper the fees. Everyone starts at level VIP1, which offers 0.1% Spot trading fees for Maker/Taker, and 0.01%/0.06% Maker/Taker for contracts.

Increasing your VIP level can drastically reduce fees, getting them as low as 0%/0.0325% for Contracts and 0%/0.045% for Contracts.

You can also save an extra 20% on Spot and 10% on Contracts by paying for your trading fees with PT, the official Phemex exchange token.

Can you buy crypto on Phemex with fiat?

Absolutely! Phemex gives you a number of ways to buy crypto with your fiat cash. Choose from SWIFT, ACT, SEPA and FPS bank transfers, all with zero fee. Or by using your Credit/Debit card, although a 0.8% fee will apply.

You can also do Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading in a huge number of Fiat currencies.

Website and mobile apps

Phemex has developed a very modern and feature rich trading platform, available on the web or as a mobile app on your iOS or Android phone.

Across the Phemex platform, you'll find Trading products for Spot, Perpetual Contracts with up to 100x leverage, Grid and Copy trading. You'll also find a huge selection of products that let you Earn: Staking, Savings, Prediction Markets and a hot LaunchPool, giving you early access to crypto projects.

Phemex is always running trading promotions and competitions, giving you a chance to earn some extra icing on your profit cake. And a robust Learning section can help both newbies and pros learn the intricacies of the cryptoverse.

Phemex's platform and asset security

Phemex runs a tight ship. They have never had a security breach, hack event or loss of funds. And while that's no guarantee something won't happen in the future, it's a solid track record.

And as you'd expect, Phemex runs industrual-grade secrutiy and encryption protocols across all their services, as well as industry-standard security practices like SSL encryption, 2FA for account access and cold storage for assets.

Proof of reserves

Phemex as the first exchange to offer Proof of Solvency. This is the result of an exchange having both Proof of Reserves and showing a Proof of Liablities. It's updated on the 25th of each month. And they give you access to the Proof of Reserves, allowing you to confirm the secure storage of your assets and proof of their liquidity at all times.

Phemex Referral and affiliate program

Phemex offers both a referral and an affiliate program, allowing normal users and influencers to tap into their networks and potentially earn a buck.

The Phemex referral program lets you extend welcome rewards to your friends and family network, and you can earn a share from the monthly prize pool and up to $9,000 in commissions.

If you have a large network and want to leverage it, you can sign up to the Phemex affiliate program, where you can earn higher commissions, up to 60%.

Final thoughts

Phemex is a trustworthy and well-established crypto exchange that gives you access to hundreds of tokens, automated trading strageies, advanced earn products and so much more. And with the free welcome bonuses worth up to $8,800, it's easy to get started and try out the platform.

Phemex Referral Code Benefits

Discover up to $8,800 in sign up rewards via the Phemex Rewards Hub!

Phemex Exchange Referral Welcome Bonuses

If you want to use Phemex referral code “FNP4A3”, just make sure it's entered into the "invitation code" box when you sign up. Clicking our referral link will automatically apply the invitation code for you.

How to Sign Up on Phemex Using Invitation Code "FNP4A3"

Ready to elevate your trading game? Join the Phemex community now to claim your welcome package, including a complimentary sign-up bonus and access to premium trading opportunities. Simply follow our straightforward steps:

  • Click here to visit the Phemex registration page
  • Complete the registration process by providing your email or phone number, and creating a password
  • Navigate to the Phemex Rewards Hub. Complete tasks to earn your free welcome bonuses! Some are a simple as clicking a button.
Registration Form using the Phemex Referral Code

Phemex Referral Code FAQs

Phemex referral code FNP4A3 offers me what benefits?

You can earn up to $8,800 in USDT bonuses! These bonuses are awarded when you compelete some simple tasks, like signing up, making a deposit and executing tradings.

Can I use invitation code "FNP4A3" if I already have an account with Phemex?

This exclusive Phemex referral code is designed specifically for new accounts on Phemex. If you've already registered with them, you won't be able to use this code as it's tied to a one-time sign-up bonus. But don't worry - they have other opportunities for existing users to participate in, like the Phemex referral program!

Does the Phemex referral code work in their Android and iOS apps?

When creating a new account on Phemex through their mobile app, simply look for the option to enter your invitation code "FNP4A3" during the sign-up process. Our exclusive promo code works seamlessly across all of Phemex's platforms, so feel free to sign up from anywhere and start trading with ease!

Is a Phemex invitation code the same as a Phemex referral code or promo code?

Yes. On the Phemex registration form, you'll see the words "Phemex invitation code", but its the same as a Phemex promo code, referral code or coupon code.

About the Phemex referral program

Invite Friends and Earn up to 50% Rebates! Earn substantial commissions by sharing your unique referral link and code with friends who are interested in trading on Phemex. When they start earning through activities like spot margin trading, futures trading, structured earn investments, arbitrage opportunities, or swapX, you'll receive a generous commission as a thank you for spreading the word! Valid users are users who register and deposit at least 100 USDT.

The Phemex referral program will be a great way to earn free crypto and get bonus rewards. If you have not yet registered on Phemex, simply sign up for a new account with Phemex code "FNP4A3". Then you'll receive a unique referral link that will allow you to invite your friends and family to join the Phemex community, earning even more crypto rewards as they trade and participate in various activities!

Phemex Referral Program FAQs

How many people will I be able to refer using my Phemex referral code?

An unlimited number of people can be invited. But if you do have a large network of people that you want to invite to the Phemex platform, then you can apply to the Phemex Affiliate program, which can help you earn even more through your referrals.

Kickoff your crypto trading with the best Phemex Referral Code

Sign up today using Phemex referral code “FNP4A3” to get access to a top-tier trading platform, a huge selection of trading pairs and all the great welcome bonuses we've mentioned here.