Pionex Referral Code

Up to $2,125 USDT in Sign Up Bonuses and Welcome Rewards!

Code Valid: Jul 2024

How to use the Pionex Referral Code

Use Pionex referral code "0upwzvqHkFp" to get up to $2,125 USDT in sign up bonuses!

Pionex is an up-and-coming crypto exchange that offers a slick trading platform with over 400 coins, advanced features and on-going crypto promotions.

To get these amazing sign up bonuses from our promo code, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a new Pionex trading account by clicking here
    • If you clicked our link, the referral code is automatically applied
    • If you already have the registration page open, then simply copy/paste Pionex referral code "0upwzvqHkFp" into the appropriate box
  2. Go to the Pionex Activity Center and start claiming the rewards
  3. Rewards are given out for completing tasks, like making an account, depositing funds and trading

These sign up bonuses are easy to get and a great incentive to try out Pionex's trading platform. So sign up today and make sure you use Pionex referral code "0upwzvqHkFp" to get these great benefits!

Pionex Referral Code Details

Crypto Exchange Pionex
Referral Code 0upwzvqHkFp
Welcome Rewards Up to $2,125 USDT
KYC Required Yes, KYC is required.
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Pionex Exchange Stats

Exchange Trust Score
5 / 10
Crypto Exchange Rank
out of 550+ exchanges
24-Hour BTC Volume

Historical Trading Volume on Pionex

Yesterday's Trading Volume: $ 1,144,560,541

Why use Pionex for crypto trading?

Pionex is a leading crypto exchange platform that offers various innovative trading products such as spot, leveraged tokens, and futures trading, all backed by a competitive fee structure. The platform supports over 400 cryptocurrencies, including the top 27 market cap cryptos, making it an ideal choice for traders worldwide. To ensure asset and account security, Pionex complies with regulatory requirements, uses two-factor authentication, and employs encryption techniques. Additionally, their partnership with Binance guarantees access to a vast pool of assets and efficient trade execution. Pionex's mobile app allows users to manage their portfolios on the go. The platform also prides itself on its built-in trading bots tailored for different trading strategies, providing an automated approach to cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, Pionex has a proof of reserves and an affiliate program to promote user trust and encourage growth within the community.

Pionex trading products

In terms of trading products, Pionex offers various options such as spot trading, leveraged tokens, and futures trading, with low trading fees making it an attractive choice for traders. The platform supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL, DOT, TRX, SHIB, and DOGE. The user-friendly website and mobile apps provide easy access to the Pionex ecosystem, allowing users to manage their portfolios efficiently.

Trading pairs

Pionex boasts over 410 coins and 480+ trading pairs. Most are denominated in USDT, but USDC, BTC and ETH denominations are available for select pairs.

Pionex has pretty cheap trading fees

For normal users, trading fees are quite low: Spot trades cost 0.050% for both Maker and Taker. Leveraged Token trades are 0.100% for Maker and Taker, while Futures is 0.020% for Maker and 0.050% for Taker.

If you trade large volumes, Pionex offers cheaper trading fees based on your VIP Level.

Can you buy crypto on Pionex with fiat?

Yes, Pionex makes it easy to buy crypto with cash. You can use Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. You can also use Bank Transfer with EUR or GBP.

Website and mobile apps

Pionex's website and mobile apps have all the modern features you'd come to expect from a crypto exchange: advanced Trading View charts, market/limit/trigger orders, cross and isolated margin modes and so much more. Pionex even has some very innovative features like "Line orders". Draw a line on the chart, and when the price hits the line, a buy or sell is triggered. Fancy!

Overall, we found the User Experience of Pionex products to be on-par with some of the best crypto exchanges on the market. And they are feature packed: Spot, Futures/Perps, Copy/Grid Trading, Earn/Loan products and so much more.

Pionex's platform and asset security

Pionex prioritizes security by adhering to regulatory requirements, implementing two-factor authentication, and using encryption techniques for asset protection. The platform also has a proof of reserves system in place, ensuring transparency and user trust. Account security is also a top priority, with features like email confirmation and account locking to prevent unauthorized access.

Proof of reserves

Shortly after the collapse of FTX, Pionex annouced they would provide a publically avaiable Merkle-tree based Proof of Reserves and will complete independant audits to verify the PoR. This Proof of Reserves can give you confidence in how they handle and store your crypto tokens, and there's no funny business or co-mingling of funds.

Pionex Referral and affiliate program

The Pionex affiliate program rewards users for inviting new members to the platform, encouraging growth within the community. This program offers attractive commissions on trading fees generated by referred users, providing an additional incentive for those looking to expand their network.

Final thoughts

Pionex has been around since 2019, and quickly developed a 5-star trading platform. And with Proof of Reserves, you know your assets are being appropriately managed. Pionex is a great choice for trading crypto, so get started today and use our Pionex referral code to get access to a huge welcome bonus!

Pionex Referral Code Benefits

Score up to $2,125 in welcome rewards with our exclusive Pionex promo code.

Pionex Exchange Referral Welcome Bonuses

If you want to use Pionex referral code “0upwzvqHkFp”, simply enter the promo code when signing up for your account. Clicking our referral link will automatically apply the referral code for you, and Pionex won't give you an option to input the referral code into the sign up form.

Important: when you click our link, you will NOT see a "referral code" option in the Pionex sign up form. But you will see the referral code 0upwzvqHkFp in the URL of your browser. We agree, this is wierd. But thats the way to confirm it's applied.

Pionex Exchange Referral Code in the URL

How to Sign Up on Pionex Using Referral Code "0upwzvqHkFp"

Join the Pionex community today! To receive your complimentary sign-up bonus and unlock access to even more lucrative trading opportunities and rewards events, just follow these easy steps:

  • Click here to visit the Pionex registration page
  • If you click our link, you will not see a box to enter a referral code, but you will see the referral code in the URL.
  • If you have navigated to the "Sign Up" page without clicking our link, then a "Referral code" box should be visible in the sign up form. Make sure the referral code 0upwzvqHkFp is correctly entered into the form during the sign-up process.
  • See the images for details. When you click our referral links, the promo code is automatically applied, so there is no need to enter it.
  • Complete the registration process
  • Navigate to the Pionex Activity Center. There, you'll find your opportunities to complete tasks and earn your free welcome bonuses!
Registration Form using the Pionex Referral Code

Pionex Referral Code FAQs

Pionex referral code 0upwzvqHkFp offers me what benefits?

You can earn up to $2,125 in USDT bonuses! These bonuses are awarded when you compelete some simple tasks, like signing up, making a deposit and executing tradings.

If I already have an account on Pionex, can I use "0upwzvqHkFp" as my Pionex referral code?

For new accounts only! Your unique Pionex referral code can only be used when signing up for a fresh account on Pionex. If you're already an existing user, unfortunately, this code won't work for you.

Does this Pionex referral code work in their iOS and Android apps?

Yes, when signing up for a new account on Pionex in their mobile apps, there is an option to enter Pionex referral code "0upwzvqHkFp". Our promo code works on all of Pionex's platforms, so sign up wherever is easiest and most convienent for you.

Is a Pionex invitation code the same as a Pionex referral code or promo code?

Yes. On the sign up form, you'll see "Pionex referral code", but its the same as a Pionex promo code, invitation or coupon code.

About the Pionex referral program

Invite Friends and Earn up to 50% Rebates! Earn substantial commissions by sharing your unique referral link and code with friends who are interested in trading on Pionex. When they start earning through activities like spot margin trading, futures trading, structured earn investments, arbitrage opportunities, or swapX, you'll receive a generous commission as a thank you for spreading the word! Valid users are users who register and deposit at least 100 USDT.

The Pionex referral program will be a great way to earn free crypto and get bonus rewards. If you have not yet registered on Pionex, simply sign up for a new account with Pionex code "0upwzvqHkFp". Then you'll receive a unique referral link that will allow you to invite your friends and family to join the Pionex community, earning even more crypto rewards as they trade and participate in various activities!

Pionex Referral Program FAQs

How many people will I be able to refer using my Pionex referral code?

No, you can invite an unlimited number of people But if you do have a large network of people that you want to invite to the Pionex platform, then you can apply to the Pionex Affiliate program, which can help you earn even more through your referrals.

Kickoff your crypto trading with the best Pionex Referral Code

Sign up today using Pionex referral code “0upwzvqHkFp” to get access to a top-tier trading platform, a huge selection of trading pairs and all the great welcome bonuses we've mentioned here.