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Up to $20,300 USDT in deposit bonuses and Lucky Draw Rewards!

Code Valid: May 2024

How to use the WEEX Referral Code

EXCLUSIVE: use our WEEX referral code "bmbi" get up to $20,300 USDT sign up bonuses... just for depositing!

WEEX is available globally, licensed in the USA and does not require KYC. On top of that, 15% of WEEX trading fees from both LUNC Future Pro and Spot platforms are burned!

To get these amazing sign up bonuses from our promo code, follow these steps:

Sign up bonus #1: Get a 20% deposit bonus up to $20,000 USDT!

  1. Deposit a minumum of $500 USDT into your account
  2. The more you deposit, the more you can earn in Futures Pro bonuses
  3. Some Bonus levels require both a deposit and a trading volume, see the table below for details
  4. Your bonus rewards will be distributed evenly over the course of 10 days. So if you get a $1,000 USDT bonus, you will get $100 bonus every day for 10 days.
WEEX Sign Up Bonus #2: 20% Deposit Bonus
Net Deposit Trading Volume Requirement Prize Bonus
≥ 500 USDT None 100 USDT Bonus
≥ 1,000 USDT None 200 USDT Bonus
≥ 5,000 USDT None 1,000 USDT Bonus
≥ 50,000 USDT ≥ 50,000,000 USDT 10,000 USDT Bonus
≥ 100,000 USDT ≥ 120,000,000 USDT 20,000 USDT Bonus

Sign up bonus #2: Lucky Draw to get up to $300 USDT

  1. All users who claimed a depost bonus are eligible for Lucky Draws. So you must deposit at least $500 USDT to be eligible!
  2. You must claim your deposit bonuses for more than seven consecutive days to get entered into the Lucky Draws
  3. Eligible users can randomly receive rewards ranging from $10 USDT to $300 USDT Bonus.
WEEX Referral Code Bonuses

For precise terms and more examples, check out our landing page on WEEX. And if you want to claim these awesome promotional bonuses, sign up today!

WEEX Referral Code Details

Crypto Exchange WEEX
Referral Code bmbi
Welcome Rewards Up to $20,000 USDT
Exclusive Bonus Up to $300 USDT
KYC Required No, KYC is not required

WEEX Exchange Stats

Exchange Trust Score
5 / 10
Crypto Exchange Rank
out of 550+ exchanges
24-Hour BTC Volume

Why use WEEX for crypto trading?

Established in 2018, the Singapore-based WEEX crypto exchange has quickly risen through the ranks in the crypto landscape. Founded by a coalition of experts from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Citibank, and Google, WEEX completed a $100 million valuation round of financing led by Korean Digital Marketing Giant FSN in 2023.

WEEX stands out amongst crypto exchanges by holding a Money Services Business (MSB) license in the US and Canada, an SVG FAS license from St. Vincent and the AUSTRAC license in Australia. These aren't easy to get, but their rigorous commitment to compliance now allows them to offer their services globally.

Over the years, WEEX has built up a solid trading platform, offering a secure and user-friendly trading environment. Let's dive a little deeper into WEEX so you can decide for yourself if it should be your go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading.

WEEX trading products

WEEX provides a versatile range of trading options, including spot trading, futures trading, and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. So whether you're looking to be a holder, a trader or buy big volume, you can engage with a variety of cryptocurrencies, supporting different trading strategies and risk appetites.

WEEX also offers copy trading, so if you want to follow the trades of others, it's as simple as following that trader and funding your copy trade account. And if you're a pro trader, you can apply on WEEX and earn a 10% profit share from your Copy Trade followers.

In terms of volume and stability, WEEX's home-grown trading platform claims to support up to 450,000 transactions per second, handling an average daily trading volume of $8.7 billion USD worth of crypto. That's a lot of coin!

Trading pairs

With an extensive array of more than 110 trading pairs, WEEX ensures that traders have ample opportunities to trade major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a selection of emerging altcoins, like Luna Classic, Solana, Cardano and AVAX. You can even ride the hottest meme coin trends with PEPE, WIF and DOGE. This variety is crucial for portfolio diversification and capitalizing on market trends.

WEEX has cheap trading fees

One of WEEX's competitive advantages is their fee structure. They currently charge 0% fees on spot trading, for both maker and taker. Their futures platform typically charges a nominal maker fee of 0.02% and a taker fee of 0.06%, positioning it as one of the most cost-effective options amongst crypto exchanges. And they occasionally run promotions which reduce trading fees even more. And of course, there are no fees for unfilled or canceled orders.

Can you buy crypto on WEEX with fiat?

Need to buy crypto? WEEX supports a plethora of payment methods, enhancing user convenience across the globe. This inclusivity ensures that traders can easily deposit and withdraw funds, facilitating a smoother trading experience.

Website and mobile apps

The WEEX platform brings most of the trading features you'd come to expect from a modern crypto exchange: trading view charts, market/limit/stop orders, stop-loss and take-profit settings, etc. These features are supported on all their platforms: the website, the iOS and Android apps.

If you're an algo-trader, you'll need to find another exchange to trade with, as WEEX does not offer an API for trading (yet). If you need API access, we would recommend checkout out MEXC, Bybit or Kucoin.

Asset security

After using the WEEX exchange, we noticed they care a lot about security. WEEX leverages all the industry standard security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), end-to-end encryption, OTP codes via Google Authenticator, email and SMS. You can also set a separate password for funds transfers, and see your account activity across devices in the Security Settings of your account.

On top of that, WEEX has built up a substantial 1000 BTC Protection Fund. This protection fund provides an added layer of assurance that your funds are safe with WEEX. This fund is used to repay customers in the event of a hack or “when a user's loss is not a consequence of their own actions or behavior on our platform”. This does not include unauthorized transactions, so make sure you keep your account well protected.

WEEX's platform security

WEEX complements its technical security with regular security audits and educational initiatives aimed at helping users safeguard their accounts. These measures significantly mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and potential fund loss.

Proof of reserves

Adhering to stringent regulatory standards, WEEX holds MSB financial licenses in the U.S. and Canada and conducts regular proof of reserves. These licenses are not easy to get and helps ensure that WEEX can meet its financial obligations to users consistently and reliably.

However, WEEX does not have a publicly verifiable Proof of Reserves. I reached out to our contact at WEEX, and he says they will have a zero-knowledge proof of reserves in the near future.

WEEX Referral and affiliate program

If you are an influencer or have a particularly strong network of people to invite, then you should check out WEEX's affiliate program, which boosts the reward levels up to 70% of trading fees from referrals. Simply apply to the referral program and if you are accepted, you can invite an unlimited number of people using your special referral code and score passive income.

Final thoughts

WEEX has established itself as a premier trading platform, seeking to comply with global financial regulations so it can attract a worldwide audience. On top of that, they cater to a diverse range of trading styles and strategies. Their comprehensive trading pairs, features, competitive fees and robust security measures, WEEX aims to foster community success in crypto space.

So if you're looking for a new crypto exchange, give WEEX a shot. Their free sign up bonuses make them a no-brainer to at least try out their services.

WEEX Referral Code Benefits

We at LUNC Metrics are excited to offer a special promotion exclusively for our visitors. When you sign up for a new account using our exclusive WEEX promo code, you can score up to $20,300 USDT in Sign Up Rewards! There are many WEEX codes out there, but this exclusive coupon code is only available on LUNC Metrics. And by using it, you'll not only reap the benefits and rewards, but you'll support us, LUNC Metrics: we are an independant, community-focused crypto website working hard to democratize data for our community. So if you want to trade with WEEX, do us a solid and use our WEEX promo code!

To use WEEX referral code “bmbi”, simply enter the promo code when signing up for your account. Clicking our referral link should automatically enter the referral code for you.

WEEX Exchange Value Propositions

How to Register a new account with WEEX Referral Code bmbi

To claim your free sign-up bonus and get opportunities for more rewards offered through the WEEX referral program, simply follow these steps:

  • Click here to visit the WEEX registration page
  • Make sure the referral code bmbi is correctly entered into the form during the sign-up process. See image for details. When you click our referral links, the code should be automatically entered to the sign up form.
  • Complete the registration process
  • Make a deposit of at least $500 USDT
  • Claim your deposit bonuses for 7 consecutive days to be recieve changes at the Lucky Draw, worth up to $300 USDT
Registration Form using the WEEX Referral Code

WEEX Referral Code FAQs

WEEX referral code bmbi offers me what benefits?

What do I have to do to get up to $20,000 USDT sign up bonus?

This is a tiered reward, which depends on how much you deposit and trade with WEEX. See the image below for details:

WEEX Sign Up Bonus #2: 20% Deposit Bonus
Net Deposit Trading Volume Requirement Prize Bonus
≥ 500 USDT None 100 USDT Bonus
≥ 1,000 USDT None 200 USDT Bonus
≥ 5,000 USDT None 1,000 USDT Bonus
≥ 50,000 USDT ≥ 50,000,000 USDT 10,000 USDT Bonus
≥ 100,000 USDT ≥ 120,000,000 USDT 20,000 USDT Bonus

What do I have to do to get a chance at the Lucky Draw sign up bonus?

  1. You must have deposited at least $500
  2. You must claim your deposit bonuses for 7 consecutive days
  3. Eligible users can randomly receive rewards ranging from 10 USDT to 300 USDT Bonus

If I already have an account on WEEX, can I use "bmbi" as my WEEX referral code?

No, WEEX referral codes can only be used when signing up for a new account on WEEX. If you've already registered, you cannot use this WEEX referral code. However, you will soon be able to refer your network through the WEEX referral program, which will be a great way to earn passive income.

Does this WEEX referral code work in their iOS and Android apps?

Yes, when signing up for a new account on WEEX in their mobile apps, there is an option to enter WEEX referral code "bmbi". Our promo code works on all of WEEX's platforms, so sign up wherever is easiest and most convienent for you.

Is a WEEX coupon code the same as a WEEX referral code or promo code?

Yes. On the sign up form, you'll see "WEEX referral code", but its the same as a WEEX promo code, invitation or coupon code.

About the WEEX referral program

Coming soon! WEEX does not have a public referral program yet, but in the near future, you'll be able to earn some extra USDT rewards by inviting friends and family to WEEX.

The WEEX referral program will be a great way to earn free crypto and get bonus rewards. If you have not yet registered on WEEX, simply sign up for a new account with WEEX code "bmbi". When WEEX announces the referral program, you'll be able to access your unique WEEX referral code and invite your network!

WEEX Referral Program FAQs

How many people will I be able to refer using my WEEX referral code?

There will be no limits. The more people you invite to WEEX, the more bonuses you can earn!

Start trading with the best WEEX Referral Code

Sign up today using WEEX referral code “bmbi” to score some incredible sign up bonuses.