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40% discount on trading fees for Spot, Futures and Perpetuals!

Code Valid: Jul 2024

How to use the XT Referral Code

EXCLUSIVE: use XT referral code "WJRYWM" get 40% discount on all trading fees!

XT is available in most countries, they are hold Money Services Business (MSB) licenses in the USA and Dubai.

To get this huge discount on XT trading fees, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the XT registration page
  2. Create your account and make sure to use XT referral code WJRYWM
  3. Optional: complete KYC to increase daily withdrawl volumes and access more exchange features
  4. Start trading, the 40% fee rebate is automatically applied!

XT Referral Code Details

Crypto Exchange XT
Referral Code WJRYWM
Trading Fee Discount 40%
KYC Required No, KYC is not required

XT Exchange Stats

Exchange Trust Score
8 / 10
Very good
Crypto Exchange Rank
out of 550+ exchanges
24-Hour BTC Volume

Historical Trading Volume on XT.COM

Yesterday's Trading Volume: $ 1,109,695,918

Why use XT for crypto trading?

XT.com is a rising star amongst the competitive landscape of crypto exchanges. If you're looking for an XT referral code, but wanted to learn more about the exchange before signing up, then here's a quick overview and review of their primary value props.

Established in 2018 and incorporated in Seychelles, XT has over 6 million registered accounts trading on their platforms. XT holds both a Dubai DMCC and US MSB license, allowing them to operate in critical global crypto markets.

Hot off a rebranding to “XT”, the new vision for the exchange is to be the "gateway to digital assets, highway to wealth". CEO Albin Warin and his team are working hard to firmly established XT as a cornerstone in the cryptocurrency marketplace. You can see this when you closely examine their products.

As someone who scrutinizes exchanges down to their digital DNA, let me articulate what makes XT.com stand out:

  • A 100% reserve policy ensuring every token fully backed
  • A fee structure that favors user trading volumes (added liquidity)
  • 800+ tokens and trading pairs, with up to 125x leverage
  • A wide range of trading, earn, loan and lending products
  • Native trading platforms: choose from web, desktop apps and mobile apps
  • XT Smart Chain, powered by the native exchange token: XT

The result? XT.com is a dependable exchange backed by 3rd party security audits and asset verifications—a place where investors can place their bets without . If you're curious, lets dive a little deeper into each of these points.

XT Asset and Platform Security

XT.com has carved out its niche in the volatile cryptocurrency exchange marketplace with an arsenal of tools that make it as user-friendly as a smartphone app while maintaining security standards usually reserved for Fort Knox itself. They have had zero security incidents since inception.

The 100% reserve policy is not just a line on their website; it's verified by CERTIFIED, a 3rd party platform that performs proof of funds and penetration testing. While there are no guarantees in life, having a 3rd party certification is a huge plus when trusting your hard-earned cash with an exchange.

XT.com Coins and Trading Pairs

Among its vast library of coins to choose from, XT.com presents an impressive selection of 800+ digital currencies—each meticulously vetted through an onboarding process that is maintained by the XT exchange team. This breadth ensures that whether you're chasing after the latest cryptocurrency craze or have your sights set on more established names like Bitcoin, Etherium and Luna Classic, XT.com has got your back (and coin).

The trading pairs are where XT.com flexes its muscles in efficiency and convenience. A majority of trading pairs are denominated in USDT, but you can also find a significant number of pairs denominated in BTC, and some pairs in ETH, BNB and XT. This level of accessibility not only broadens user experience but also fosters an ecosystem where liquidity thrives, ensuring smoother transactions at all times. So whether you want to trade in a stablecoin or work to accumulate more BTC or ETH, XT.com empowers you to build creative trading strategies.

XT.com Trading Fee Structure

XT uses a sliding scale fee structure: the more you trade and the more XT you hold, the higher your VIP level and the lower the fees. All traders start out with 0.2% fees for makers and takers on Spot trades, and for trading Futures, fees start at just 0.04%/0.06% for maker/taker.

XT.com Spot Trading Fees
XT.com Futures Trading Fees

And on top of this, when you use our XT referral code ( WJRYWM ), you get an automatic 40% rebate in trading fees! Using our XT referral code is the best way to save, regardless of your VIP level. And if you really start trading big volume, these savings will quickly add up!

XT Trading Platforms and Features

Diving into the platform's features, XT.com doesn't just stop at trading pairs and coin selection—it extends its hand with a plethora of tools designed to enhance user experience.

XT supports more trading applications than most exchanges. You can enjoy trading on the web using your desktop or mobile phone. But if you want to go native app, you've also got loads of choices. XT supports trading apps on the following operating systems:

  • MacOS
  • iOS / iPhone
  • Windows
  • Google Play
  • Android APK

Each of their platforms support all their products and trading features. Spot, Futures and Grid trading are all available. Copy trading is supported for both spot and futures positions. Enjoy leverage up to 125x. XT even supports a Demo trading environment, where you can execute test trades without risking capital.

Now let's chat about features. XT is pushing boundaries by bringing in the best tools from across the industry. Enjoy TradingView charts with full support for indicators, signals and drawings. Get on-chain insights for coins, powered by IntoTheBlock. Follow other traders and learn from people who outperform the market. These are just a taste of what you can access on the XT platforms. XT.com equips their users with everything they need at their fingertips, across any device.

XT.com OnChain Analytics from IntoTheBlock

XT Financing Products

Want to do more than trade? XT's got your back. From Simple Earn products like savings, staking and hashrate to advanced investment products, crypto loans and OTC services, XT is ready to do business with you.

And if you really want to live the crypto life, you can even sign up for an XT Credit Card.

Final thoughts on XT.com

Whether it's leveraging its 24/7 customer support or enjoying a user-friendly mobile apps for trading on the go, XT.com stands out as an exchange where trading coins and features match the sophistication of its security and reliability. So if you want to give XT a shot, make sure you maximize your profits by using XT referral code WJRYWM. You'll save 40% on all trading fees!

XT Referral Code Benefits

Score 40% off all trading fees when you use our exclusive XT Referral Code! This is a massive discount that will add up overtime!

To use XT referral code “WJRYWM”, make sure it's entered into the "referral code" box when you sign up on XT.com. You can see the exact discount that you'll get. See our screenshot for details! Clicking our referral link will automatically apply the invitation code for you.

How to Sign Up on XT Using Invitation Code "WJRYWM"

Ready to elevate your trading game? Join the XT community now to claim your trading fee discount, and get access to the XT rewards hub where you can complete additional task for free bonuses. Simply follow these steps to get started:

  • Click here to visit the XT registration page
  • Complete the registration process by providing your email or phone number, and creating a password
  • Make sure the referral code is entered into the sign up form
  • Optional: complete KYC to increase daily withdrawl volumes and access more exchange features
  • Navigate to the XT Rewards Hub. Complete tasks to earn any extra welcome bonuses that XT offers!
Registration Form using the XT Referral Code

XT Referral Code FAQs

XT referral code WJRYWM offers me what benefits?

40% rebate on all Spot and Futures trading fees!

Can I use invitation code "WJRYWM" if I already have an account with XT?

Our XT referral code is an exclusive offer and is designated only for new accounts on XT. If you've already registered a trading account with XT, then no, you won't be able to use our promo code. But you can participate in the XT referral program!

Can I use the XT referral code in their Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS apps?

When creating a new account on XT through their native apps and website, simply look for the option to enter your invitation code "WJRYWM" during the sign-up process. Our exclusive promo code works seamlessly across all of XT's platforms, so feel free to sign up from anywhere and start trading with ease!

Is a XT promo code the same as a XT referral code or coupon code?

Yes. On the XT registration form, you'll see the words "XT referral code", but its the same thing as an XT promo code, invitation code or coupon code.

Learn about the XT referral program

Invite friends and family to earn up to 40% in trading fee rebates! These are substantial commissions you can earn by sharing your unique referral link and XT code with friends who are interested in trading on XT.com. When they start trading spot margin or perps, you'll receive a sweet commission as a thank you for spreading the word about XT!

The XT referral program will be a great way to earn free crypto and get bonus rewards. If you have not yet registered on XT, simply sign up for a new account with XT code "WJRYWM". Then you'll receive a unique referral link that will allow you to invite your friends and family to join the XT community, earning even more crypto rewards as they trade and participate in various activities!

XT Referral Program FAQs

How many people will I be able to refer using my XT referral code?

There are no restrictions on how many friends, family, or fellow crypto-curious individuals you can invite - the sky is literally the limit when it comes to sharing your XT referral code. However, if you're looking to expand beyond just a handful of invites and want to tap into the potential of building a robust network of referrals, don't miss out on XT Affiliate Program. It's designed to amplify your earnings by offering higher rewards.

Kickoff your crypto trading with the best XT Referral Code

Ready to get started? Sign up today using XT referral code “WJRYWM”. Score a huge discount on trading fees while you work towards reaching new financial freedoms!