Terraport Finance LUNC Burns

Latest LUNA Classic burns sent to the burn wallet by Terraport Finance

Total LUNC Burned
10.60 M
0.0% of Total
Total Transactions
Since May 13, 2022
Last updated: 2023-12-03 01:01 UTC

Terraport Finance LUNC Burn Chart

10,602,531 LUNC Burned
LUNC Metrics calculates Terraport Finance burn stats using wallet addresses that we've identifed as being owned by Terraport Finance. While we strive for accurancy, we offer no guarantees.

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Last 3 Burns from Terraport Finance on Terra Classic

Timestamp Coin Amount Block Height Link Wallet Address
2023-04-07 16:02:59 LUNC 9,675,113 12255546 TX Hash terra1pu4jxet2ndtftqmwsrgfsznczrcea3mt6ugcnr
2023-04-07 16:01:10 LUNC 5,368 12255528 TX Hash terra1pu4jxet2ndtftqmwsrgfsznczrcea3mt6ugcnr
2023-04-07 16:00:22 LUNC 922,050 12255520 TX Hash terra1pu4jxet2ndtftqmwsrgfsznczrcea3mt6ugcnr

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