LUNA Classic Supply Metrics

Total LUNC Supply
Circulating LUNC Supply
Last updated: 2023-12-03 12:53 UTC

LUNC Total Supply

6,824,174,667,840 LUNC

LUNC Circulating Supply

5,800,610,547,723 LUNC

Total LUNC Supply

The current total LUNC supply is 6,824,174,683,434. This number represents all the LUNA classic that exists today. The value can increase when more LUNC are minted, and it can decrease when LUNC are burned.

Circulating Supply

The current amount of LUNC in circulation is 5,800,610,547,723, which represents 85.04% of LUNC total supply. LUNC are considered to be out of circulation when LUNC are staked, or when they are stored in the blockchains community pool.

About LUNC Supply

Every time LUNC is burned, total supply is reduced, which makes the token more scarce and may positively impact the LUNC price. Conversely, if total supply increases, it may negatively impact the price.

LUNC circulating supply is estimated based on the total supply of LUNC, minus the tokens which are not readily available for trading by retail users. This number is estimated by subtracting the tokens which are staked to secure the network and the tokens which are locked up in the community pool.

The community pool is a blockchain treasury which is used to help fund critical development efforts. These tokens require a governance vote to be sold, which is why they are excluded from circulating supply.